We offer full product development, design, manufacturing and assembly of precision mechanics, machines and electronics.

We can take you from idea to small scale production.

Lue engineering is at the forefront of CAD thanks to our powerfull software suites, a long experience with PDM and classic engineering services.

We can help you with the lot: Idea development, concept models, prototypes, revisions, pre-production, documentation, CE documentation/Approval.

We offer a wide techincal know how and 15 years of 3D CAD experience.

Since 2017 we also offer 3D SLA printing.

Prefered software tools:

  • 3D-CAD - SolidWorks
  • PDM-system - Enterprise
  • Simulation/Finite element analysis - Simulation
  • Fileconverter- Transmagic
  • Ecad - Eagle Pcb Design - KiCad - Fritzing
  • PLC - Siemens - Mitsubishi - Beckhoff
  • Programming - Atmel Studio - MpLab
  • Pneumatics - FluidDraw